Beta Analytic Now Accepts Payments in RMB

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

To better serve clients in China, radiocarbon dating lab Beta Analytic, Inc. can now bill in the local currency through an affiliate based in Xiamen. Payments can be sent to Xiamen Beco Green Carbon Import/Export Co., Ltd.

Since late 2009, the ISO/IEC 17025:2005-accredited lab has maintained a presence in China through its sample forwarding facility in Beijing. Clients, however, were billed through the US office. Beta Analytic is based in Miami, Florida.

“For the convenience of our clients and for faster payment processing, we are providing clients the option to be billed in RMB through Xiamen Beco. Right now, we can only accept samples at our Beijing office. We’re still setting up a system for Xiamen Beco to receive samples and forward them to the Miami lab, but soon clients may send their samples either to Beijing or Xiamen,” says Beta Analytic’s China Operations Manager Fuming “Steven” Liu.

To request for a price list in RMB, please contact Mr. Liu at (+86) 010 5982 2196 or

Affiliate address:

Xiamen Beco Green Carbon Import/Export Co., Ltd.
No.126-7 Yingjiang Road
Jimei District, Xiamen, China 361021

Sample Forwarding Address:

Beta Analytic Inc.
5/F South Block Tower C, Raycom InfoTech Park
No.2 KeXueYuan South Road, Haidian District,
Beijing 100190
Tel: +86 (10) 8418-1950
Fax: +86 (10) 5982 2196

Beta Analytic Now Accepts Payments in RMB


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