International Conference on Later Bronze Age Goods Underway in Rome

Friday, February 17th, 2012

A conference focused on the destruction and manipulation of goods in the Later Bronze Age is currently underway at the Academia Belgica in Rome, Italy. About 100 participants from 10 European countries were expected to join the conference.

Presenters included:

* Arianna Bruno – Memories in pieces: spearhead fragmentation in the Final Bronze Age hoards in central Italy.

* Holger Baitinger – The metal objects from the agora of Selinunte (Prov. Trapani, Sicily).

* Alicia Perrea – Breaking gold: reuse, ritual damage or ideology?

* Botond Rezi – Violence before or during deposition? Special remarks regarding the Bronze Age hoards from Transylvania.

* Peter Turk – Tracing (i)reversibility. Some aspects of Late bronze Age hoard finds in south-eastern Alpine region.

* Joanna Bruck – The life histories of broken objects.

* Trevor Cowie – Earth, air, fire and water?: Duddingston Loch and other Late Bronze Age hoards from Scotland.

* Christoph Huth – Archaeologists in action – Patterns of interpretation with regard to Late Bronze Age depositions.

* Regine Maraszek – Features of Fragmentation. New Details of Late Bronze Age Metalwork in Central Germany

The three-day conference entitled “PEZZI SCELTI – Distruzione e manipolazione di beni tra età del Bronzo e del Ferro: dal riciclo al sacrificio” commenced on February 16, 2012. It was organized by Eugène Warmenbol and Bastien Toune of Université Libre de Bruxelles – Centre de recherches archéologiques (CReA Patrimoine) in collaboration with the Academia Belgica of Rome.

Beta Analytic would like to thank Mr. Bastien Toune for his assistance with the AMS Dating laboratory’s advertising activities at the conference.

International Conference on Later Bronze Age Goods Underway in Rome


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