AMS Dating Lab Beta Analytic Joins IfA Conference 2012 as Session Sponsor and Exhibitor

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

As part of its effort to support archaeologists in the UK, ISO/IEC 17025:2005-accredited AMS dating laboratory Beta Analytic joins the annual conference and training event of the Institute for Archaeologists (IfA). This year, Beta Analytic is sponsoring the session entitled “Trenches and ivory towers: universities and commercial field archaeology.” The IfA 2012 conference is held at the Oxford Town Hall from April 18 to April 20, 2012.

“Through this conference, we can show to current and potential clients how committed we are in providing high-quality AMS dating service with a fast turnaround time. Since late last year, we’ve reduced our standard turnaround time from 25 business days to 14 business days. Moreover, we’ve improved our clients’ results archive by including quality assurance reports and photos of submitted samples at different stages of the analysis,” Global Operations Manager Florencia Goren says. Ms. Goren is taking charge of the company’s booth at the event.

The theme for the 2012 conference is Working in Partnership – creating effective networks throughout the historic, natural and built environments to maximize resources, increase public benefit and build a stronger sector. About 400 participants are expected to join the 2012 IfA conference.

The “Trenches and ivory towers” session slated for April 19, 2012, is organized by Dr. David Petts of the University of Durham Department of Archaeology. There are eight other discussion sessions scheduled throughout the event as well as seminars, training workshops, and social events. The conference will start with a keynote address followed by the first IfA conference debate – What is the future for Local Planning Authorities and archaeology?

Beta Analytic has joined several IfA conferences over the years. The company also advertises its radiocarbon dating services in the IfA yearbook and The Archaeologist, the IfA’s quarterly magazine.

The IfA is a professional organization for all archaeologists in the UK. It is open to archaeologists, students, and volunteers. According to its website, the IfA has more than 3,100 members.

About Beta Analytic

Beta Analytic is an AMS dating laboratory with standard turnaround time of 14 business days for its AMS Dating service. Expedited services are available (2-6 business days). All analyses are performed in-house by dedicated professional scientists. Multiple laboratories in Miami, Florida, ensure redundancy and dependable delivery. Beta Analytic is respected worldwide for accuracy, quality, and customer care. Results are accessible 24/7 via web access.

AMS Dating Lab Beta Analytic Joins IfA Conference 2012 as Session Sponsor and Exhibitor


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