Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory Beta Anaytic Opens Forwarding Office in South Korea

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

To better serve cients in South Korea, ISO/IEC 17025:2005-accredited Beta Analytic has opened a sample forwarding office in Seoul. The initiative is part of the company’s commitment to provide archaelogists, geoscientists, forensic experts, and other researchers in Asia with high-quality radiocarbon dating services. All samples submitted to the forwarding facilities are sent to the Miami headquarters in Florida, USA, via overnight courier service at Beta Analytic’s expense.

“By opening this sample forwarding facility in Seoul, we aim to provide archaeologists and geoscientists in South Korea a more cost-effective, hassle-free way of sending their samples to our laboratory. We shoulder the shipping fees and take charge of customs requirements,” company president Mr. Darden Hood said.

“We aim to provide researchers their results even while they are still doing fieldwork. Our standard AMS dating service provides results in 14 business days or less. Our faster services can provide results in 6 business days or less. We also provide clients with an online results archive that they can access anytime. The archive includes quality assurance reports and photos of the samples submitted and analyzed,” Mr. Hood added.

The Seoul office is Beta Analytic’s fifth sample forwarding facility in Asia. Beta Analytic currenlty has representatives and sample forwarding offices in Nagoya, Japan; New Delhi, India; and Beijing and Xiamen, China.

Beta Analytic’s Global Presence

Miami-based Beta Analytic has opened sample forwarding facilities to boost its worldwide presence. Clients in Europe are encouraged to send their samples to the office in London, UK. Clients in Japan coordinate with Chikyu Kagaku Kenkyusho Corp. in Nagoya for their sample submissions. Those in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are served by an office in Beijing, China, which was set up in 2009. Beta Analytic also has sample forwarding offices in New Delhi, India; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and North Sydney, Australia.

The company has also improved its online presence by providing human-translated web pages in Chinese, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The company also has research associates fluent in the said languages to assist clients from different regions.

ISO/IEC 17025:2005-accredited Beta Analytic has provided radiocarbon dating services since 1979. The company accepts archaeological, geological, and groundwater samples for AMS dating from universities, government agencies, and private institutions.

Representative: Mr. Yong Cho
Beta Analytic Inc.
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1321-1, Seocho-dong
Seoul 137-070
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