AIA Returns to Philadelphia for 2012 Annual Meeting

Saturday, January 14th, 2012

Archaeologists, classicists, art historians, epigraphers, and anthropologists from US, Canada, and 35 other countries convened in Philadephia, Pennsylvania, for the 113th Annual Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA). The 2012 annual meeting was held on January 5 to January 8 contemporaneous with the 143rd Annual Meeting for the American Philological Association (APA). The AIA annual meeting was previously held in Philadelphia in 2009 with 2,800 conference guests.

As one of the largest and oldest established gathering of classical scholars and archaeologists, this year’s meeting featured more than 200 events including academic sessions and workshops, presidential plenary sessions, and professional development sessions, e.g. session on obtaining funding for research and a workshop on publishing strategies. The AIA Archaeology Fair was also held for members of the public and conference attendees and their families.

ISO/IEC 17025:2005-accredited Beta Analytic has joined this year’s annual meeting as an advertiser with a full-page ad in the meeting program to promote its radiocarbon dating lab’s faster services. The turnaround time for its standard AMS dating service is now at 14 business days or less. Beta Analytic also advertises its lab’s services in the American Journal of Archaeology Outlook, a supplement of the AIA’s journal.

About the Archaeological Institute of America

Established in 1879, the AIA is a non-profit organization committed to preserving the world’s archaeological resources and cultural heritage. The AIA promotes an informed public interest in the cultures and civilizations of the past, supports archaeological research, fosters the sound professional practice of archaeology, advocates the preservation of the world’s archaeological heritage, and represents the discipline in the wider world. Its journal, the American Journal of Archaeology, was founded in 1885 and is one of the world’s most distinguished and widely distributed archaeological journals.

AIA Returns to Philadelphia for 2012 Annual Meeting


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