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AMS Dating Lab Beta Analytic Participates in Palaeoclimate Workshop

Beta Analytic Inc. is joining a workshop on “Palaeoclimate and Human Dispersal during Marine Isotope Stage 3″ to be held at Anna University’s Institute of Ocean Management in Chennai, India. Beta Analytic’s Head of India Operations Andrew Pal is representing the company. The six-day workshop starts on December 12, 2011.

Organizers expect around 45 participants, many of whom are from universities in Italy and India. There will also be lecturers and visitors from the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, France, South Africa, Iraq, Pakistan, Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana, Sudan, and Nigeria. The workshop is organized by the Anna University’s Department of Geology and is co-sponsored by Consorzio per la Fisica, Trieste.

Participants at the 2011 Paleoclimate Workshop in Chennai

AMS Dating Lab Beta Analytic Participates in Palaeoclimate Workshop
Beta Analytic Materials

Beta Analytic AMS Dating Service

ISO/IEC 17025:2005-accredited Beta Analytic is the world’s largest professional radiocarbon dating lab. Its standard AMS dating service has a turnaround time of 14 business days. Expedited services are available with results reported between 2-6 business days. Beta Analytic’s fees include Carbon-13/Carbon-12 measurements, calendar calibration when applicable, quality assurance reports, and 24/7 web access to past results and pending analyses including photos of samples analyzed.

To provide clients in South Asia cost-effective shipping solutions, Beta Analytic has set up a sample forwarding in New Delhi, India. Packages sent to the New Delhi office are forwarded to Miami, Florida, via overnight courier service at Beta Analytic’s expense. Clients in South Asia can send samples to the New Delhi office.

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